Sofia Showroom of ETEM

Located in Capital Fort - one of the most visible new office buildings the new showroom for ETEM in Sofia will showcase the company’s premium lines of window systems.

The samples are framed in black MDF with LED lighting along the perimeter and are grouped to form small rooms where architects and potential clients will experience the quality of the window systems along pieces of contemporary Bulgarian art. The black graphic substructure of the samples is accentuated at the warm background of exposed concrete columns and red brick. The light natural oak sculptural volumes of the reception desk and the bar are positioned in the opposite ends of the showroom. The presentation area is in the heart of the open space and is flanked by two custom designed vegetation stands made of rusted steel.

Location: Capital Fort, Sofia

Floor Area: 385 m2


Coworking Space
Law Office
Plovdiv Showroom of ETEM