Enco Vending

Addition to existing office interior with double function – office canteen and barista training room – that was the brief for the transformation of the available space on the last floor of Enco Vending office building.

The client’s requirement was the possibility for quick transformation of the space. Responding to the brief and the transformation requirement the architects specified the seat/table ST.L by the Bulgarian producer ORT. This allows for the quick transformation of the canteen into a training room. The custom stainless steel kitchen is set on a platform for better visibility. The graphical wall paper /Wall and Deco by Gamma Design/ subdues the color palette: red-black-light colored wood. The roof deck is a natural continuation of the interior and its warm wood cladding introduces emotional component to the space. The impressive wood structure of the screen-come-bar /by Phivex/ frames the panoramic view is a fresh accent on the terrace. The wood trellis screens the unpleasant view of the car repair shop next door, lets the gentle breeze in and the inset mirror in the steel-framed box captures and reflects the beautiful mountain view. This adds a contemplative quality to the space.


Plovdiv Showroom of ETEM
Telus Plovdiv - Call Centre
Офис на Цариградско шосе