Villa Dovara

The site is in the outskirts of the tiny village of Varvara on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It gradually slopes down to the sea. The long and narrow geometry of the plot defines the linear organization of the house.

A long rustic masonry spine (“dovar” in Bulgarian) runs along the whole structure and merges interior and exterior. It grounds the house, then enters into the double height living room space and serves as a natural backdrop for the grey steel stair. The inhabitants of the house are constantly aware of its presence as they are guided in their everyday routine to walk along it and to penetrate it through its openings. It serves as a basis for both horizontal and vertical circulation in the house and the living spaces are organized along it. Niches are cut out in its mass to house the rusty remnants from a shipwreck found nearby by local fishermen. The stone wall points the sea and directs all views. The connection with the sea is never lost as fragments of the horizon are carefully framed in the window openings. Entering the house the space dramatically expands in the glazed double-height atrium. It is a vertical counterpoint to the general horizontality of the house. A loft suspended in the space of the atrium houses the home office for the owner. Its metal structure is clad in the same hardwood flooring as the living room. The wood finish intentionally dilutes the difference between floor and ceiling. The recessed floor of the kitchen and dining is polished concrete that fluidly extends in the covered patio and the outdoor terraces. The metal sculptural fireplace on a concrete base is the focal point in the living room area and its black chimney runs vertically through the double-height atrium. Villa Dovara was intended to be a subtle intrusion in the natural environment. The material palette used both for the interior and exterior of the villa is derived from the surrounding nature - sea rocks in all shades of black and grey, warm beige sandstone and white stucco.

Location: Varvara, Aytos Municipality, Bulgaria

House area: 4,843 square feet / 450 square meters

Site area: 12,916 square feet / 1,200 square meters

Photos: Misirkov & Bogdanov


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